Adam Cole and the Bay bays are finally starting to sing that familiar tune again on Up Up Down Down.

The YouTube show was made popular by Xavier Woods or better known as Austin Creed. It is actually a boy band with Adam Cole, Xavier, Cesaro, and Tyler Breeze. The four of them play Uno every Tuesday for just an hour of fun while talking about life and wrestling. It is such a fun thing to see on YouTube. If you don’t have anything else to do then this is one coupon that will entertain you whenever you want to.


Besides, you would want to just go there and comment on trying to get Adam Cole and the Bay Bays’ latest merchandise.

It actually entitles you to a ticket that will get all four of them to sing. They don’t really have anything to sing but it would make sense for them to sing one of the wrestler’s entrance music while going to the ring. It is evident they would need to practice their skills by heading towards the shower for a few minutes of singing random songs.

adam foster music

Adam Cole is the only former world champion among the four superstars in this round table of Da Party.

Adam Cole is actually the longest-reigning NXT champion of all time so you know that this is something that he is good at. Add that to the fact that he is part of the most dominant factions in wrestling history which is something that most people are not familiar with. Adam Cole and the Bay Bays is actually a boy band even though singing is the least talent for all four muscle-bound men. They are a lot better than a Playboy TV discount and weightlifting compared to doing something they are not that familiar with. Adam Cole has a pretty commanding voice so even if you are not watching the video, you can hear him when he is the one that is on TV. It is like exposing stuff to people who are not that familiar with these things when you know they are much more confident doing a lot of other stuff.


Woods and Breeze are actually close to each other and have a battle of the brand’s series too.

Yes, the channel has spawned an all-female foursome with Dakota Kai, Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke, and Mia Yim forming BRE or best roommates ever and playing some games of their own including Among us with Da Party. Adam Cole is now doing a program with Kyle O Reilly which for the first time broke their group the Undisputed Era on NXT. Nobody actually saw that coming which goes to show why you must watch Deeper Coupon shows until the end as the end may give you a lot of surprises that nobody was expecting. It is alright to be surprised that way as everything happens for a reason even though all these sports entertainers are pretty good at acting and entertaining everyone with their nice moves.